What's New with A.J. - The Month of November

Every day is an adventure with Amari. He learns something new on a daily basis. He is one smart little boy. He makes his parents very proud. Sure, some days are better than others when he isn't a little menace but those moments are rare, most of the time he is our sweet little Prince. He enjoys snuggle sessions, dance parties in the living room, and playing ball. He is 100% boy and we adore him.

- Amari says bye to everyone, even when no one is leaving. If you leave the room, you'll hear his sweet little voice say, "Byeee," and he'll wave.

- Elmo, also known as "Melmo," is Amari's favorite Muppet from Sesame Street. He adores his little red monster.

- Elmo in Grouchland is Amari's favorite new DVD. "Make It Mine" is his favorite song from the soundtrack.

- He loves oranges, apples, and bananas.

- He hates wearing hats unless they are five times the size of his head and belong to his favorite person, Daddy.

- He loves the limited edition peppermint Oreo's and any other cookie. He would make Cookie Monster proud.

- Surprisingly, Amari likes spicy food like his Mama (must of been all the hot peppers and salsa that he consumed when in the womb when I was pregnant). =]

- Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dinosaur Train, and Sid the Science Kid are his four favorite T.V. shows to watch.

- He now signs, " More please" and is learning to sign "Thank you." Some days he will say, "Thank you", but it sounds more like "Hank fo".

- He loves to play games like Hide-N-Seek, Peek-A-Boo, and This Little Piggy.

- He absolutely loves himself some football. =D

- He loves attention.

- Fort building is one of his favorite pass times.

- And he is learning how to jump (not up and down) but forward. We may have to get him a Fisher Price basketball hoop for his birthday so he can start working on his jumper. =]

And pretty much that is what's new with A.J. these days!

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