Tips to Improve Your Home and Enhance Well-being

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If you want a great way to help you enhance your sense of well-being, then you should focus on the home. The home, how it looks, feels, smells, and all the sensory information it exerts has a big impact on our sense of well-being. There is no doubt that our surroundings can depress or uplift us. Obviously, we want our home to be a place of sanctuary where we are uplifted and relaxed. If you have the opposite, then you are going to suffer in one way or another. The good thing is that there are a great many ways we can change our homes to improve our sense of well-being. This blog is going to explore a few of them today:


Have a Reflection Room

This doesn't necessarily have to be a whole room, if you do not have the space, but if you do, that's great. Have a room where you remove all electronic devices, and all communication tools to the outside world. Have in it a chair, or a chaise lounge, maybe a yoga mat, a bookshelf with lots of books, whatever helps you relax. The idea is to have an area that is a way to balance your headspace from the abundance of stimuli in the outside world. All the advertising, comments, images, videos, etc., can be extremely confusing and can cause an extreme amount of anxiety, among other mental health concerns. Create a space that is a kind of antidote where you can sit and relax. Perhaps this could be a meditation room or area. If you don't have the space, can you corner off a section of another room? Maybe the conservatory where you can look into the garden? 


If you want to create a home that flows better, reduces stress and anxiety, and is healthier in many ways, then you need to declutter. Clutter can affect your mood in so many ways. It can prevent you from sleeping well; it can increase stress and anxiety, and it can make the air in the home think and unhealthy. This is because dust, mold, animal carcasses, and feces will infiltrate the home where you cannot see, and this starts to form a dust cloud that you are breathing in. Children are especially susceptible to developing respiratory illnesses for this reason. So, you need to keep things clean. Cluter also has the effect of preventing you from moving on in your life. It can be a source of reminders of a past long gone. You need to eliminate the things that keep you dwelling and clear everything out. The more brutal you can be, the better the eventual effect on your well-being. 


Make a Statement 

If you want something that is more inspirational, then why not try and make a statement in your home? You can do this in a variety of ways. Perhaps you want to go with a theme such as contemporary cheer by looking for contemporary art, and other items like furnishings and fixtures. You could try statement pieces like sculptures or a statement rug. A feature wall or a gallery wall is always a good bet, where you simply create a wall that makes a statement. To do this, perhaps use a bright or bold color and put up a lot of images. You could try adding extras like a peel-and-stick fireplace  to quickly and easily upgrade the look and feel of a room. Making a statement is usually a way of injecting our own personality into a space. If you can do this, you will feel a little more inspired, and this will help you enhance your well-being.

Increase Natural Light

Did you kano that natural light has a big influence on the way you feel? If you have a home that is on the dark side, then you may be feeling bluer than you need to. You need to work on increasing the amount of natural light coming in. Try and clear the windows first. Meanings cleaning them and removing any dirt and grime, and moving objects that may be stopping the light coming in. then look at the curtains or blinds you use. Are they able to open enough to allow in as much light as possible? If the answer is no, then you should replace them. Consider painting the walls a lighter color to rebound as much light as possible, and add mirrors that will enhance this effect. Natural light is a natural mood booster, so if you do this, it won't be long until you start feeling the benefits.  


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