7 Ways to Keep Dust at Bay

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Dust is a common sight in most homes (some more than others) and not only does it not look great, but it can also cause a whole host of health issues, from affecting people with asthma to making allergies worse.

That’s why it is so important that you do whatever you can to minimize the dust in your home and keep it clean. This is often easier said than done, but there are things you, as a homeowner, can do to keep the levels of dust in your space down, including the following:

1. Take your shoes off

Making it essay for you, your family, and your guests to take your shoes off, by providing a door mat and a shoe bench at each doorway entrance, is a really good way to keep dust m your home to a minimum. So much of the dirt, pollen, and debris that shows up in our home as dust is tracked in on our shoes, and by minimizing the wearing of indoor shoes, you can, therefore, keep dust levels down.

2. Upgrade your windows

Upgrading your windows, which you can do easily by Googling replacement windows near me, is a more expensive means of controlling dust levels in your home, but it is also one of the most effective measures you can take. How does it work? Modern windows tend to have multiple planes and between-the-pane blinds, which not only keep dust out but also minimize the amount of time you need to spend on dusting external window treatments too. If you are particularly concerned about allergens like pollen, then new windows are a smart choice.

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3. Clear away the clutter

As you will probably know, dust loves to stick to things that are cluttering up the palace. If you have a big pile of books on the coffee table, they will gather dust in no time at all, or if you have a lot of knick-knacks on display in a cabinet, it is only a matter of time before they will be covered with a thick layer of dust.

It stands to reason, then, that the less clutter you have in your home, the less potential there is for dust to gather and cause you a problem. You don’t have to throw everything out, but try to pare down your possessions as best you can and try to ensure you have a space for everything and you keep everything in its space, without crowding any given area with too much stuff. You will notice a huge reduction in the amount of dust you are seeing if you do.

4. Change your bed more often

Changing your bedsheets every four days might seem like a lot, but it will definitely minimize the amount of dust that is able to form from your dead skin cells, dust mites, and other debris from your body, and wouldn't it be nice to be able to slip into clean, fresh sheets even more often than you do now?. You know it would!

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5. Replace fabric blinds with wood

If you do have blinds hanging up in your windows, then replacing fabric versions with wooden ones is smart because you can wipe and vacuum them easily, thus removing dust more effectively, whereas fabric versions tend to cling on to dust and cannot be so easily cleaned as you might like.

6. Beat your rugs

If you have a lot of rugs, cushions, and other fabrics in your home, then taking them outside and beating the dust out of them every week will ensure that too much dust is not able to build up and cause you problems, or end up getting into the rest of your home where it will look even more unsightly. Once beaten, leave your fabrics out in the sun for a while and the sun will clean and freshen them in the most natural way possible.

7. Wave goodbye to carpet

Carpet is a magnet for dust and dirt and if you have wall-to-wall carpet in your home, you will find it tough to keep dust at bay, replace with wood, linoleum, tiles, or laminate, which are all easy to clean and keep dust away.

As you can see, maintaining a low dust home is not as hard as you might have imagined, and taking the time to do so will not only mean that you have a nicer, cleaner home, but also that you and your family’s health issues are not worsened by the presence of those pesky dust particles!

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