4 Quick Tips To Stop Wasting Water (And Money) At Home

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Most people spend a lot of time trying to make their home's energy-efficient. That’s a great idea, but you shouldn’t forget to make your home more water-efficient as well. A water-efficient home will waste less water (and money) making it far better for the environment.

Here are four quick tips to help you get started:

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Don’t leave your taps running

Try to avoid running your taps for long periods, even when you need to use them. If you’re brushing your teeth, don’t let the water run for the whole two minutes. Instead, run the tap at the end to rinse off your brush and the sink. If you’re washing up, fill a tub with water or just rinse your dirty dishes and then turn the tap off while you scrub away. 

These little changes will stop you from wasting gallons of water - and a huge chunk of money - every single year. Try to get into the habit of keeping your taps off as much as possible, using as little water as you can.

Check for any leaky taps

Over time, you become accustomed to just about anything. So, if you have a leaky tap, you’ve most likely blocked the sound out of your life and have learned to ignore it. The trouble is, that’s a huge problem as the tap is leaking water. Even if it’s slowly dripping, that will all add up. If you don’t believe me, put a cup under the leaking tap and see how much it fills up per day. 

It’s such a waste of water - and money - but it can so easily be fixed. Check for any leaky taps in your home and call a reliable plumber to come out and fix them. They will probably fix it in a few minutes, and you’ve saved loads of water per year. 

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Take quick showers

We all love chilling in the shower and enjoying the hot water over us. However, long showers use up a lot of water. Instead, try to limit your showers to 5 or 10 minutes maximum. It sounds very quick, but you’ll be amazed at how swiftly you can shower when you try. 

Here, you save a lot of water, but you also have a more productive day. Time isn’t wasted as you stand in the shower contemplating life or listening to music for half an hour!

Use the smaller toilet flush

Does your toilet come with two different flushing options? If it has a button on the top, there’s usually a big button and a small one. The small one provides a much smaller flush, using considerably less water. It’s ideal in situations where you don’t really need much water to flush your toilet. 

Opting for the smaller toilet flush can save so much water every single day, week, month, and year! 

You don’t need to make drastic changes to your life to save heaps of water at home. Follow this advice and your water bill will decrease - as will your home’s impact on the environment. 

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