Summer Photo Challenge - 2021

The autumn and winter photo challenges were such a hit that I decided to do one for the summer. Thank you all for the wonderful responses and for saving pins on Pinterest. Y'all are the sweetest. I decided to do another one for summer to help lift our spirits and get us into all the summer vibes. 

To keep me accountable and to help inspire others, I decided to do this photo challenge from June through August. So take lots of pictures of your summer-decorated homes, celebrating the 4th of July with your friends and family, beach days, the pool, and anything and everything that reminds you of summertime fun. 

I hope you will join me again. Don't forget to follow us over on Instagram at @simplydurant.

There are all sorts of photos to take for this challenge or simply just give you content ideas for stepping up your Instagram game. Feel free to use #SDBsummer on your posts. I would love to see your photos! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Have a blessed day. 

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