DIY Floral Skull

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I had the urge to decorate a little early for Halloween this year. I started gathering Halloween decor in early August. I stumbled across these cute skulls from the Dollar Tree and thanks to TikTok, found a cool way to make the paint look like porcelain. 


Hot glue and a glue gun 


1. Clean the skull to remove any dust from the skeleton. I just used a disinfecting wipe and let it dry. Paint the skull with its desired color based on your color scheme. Let dry. I ended up having to do two coats. I also added baking soda to give it more texture.  

2. Once dry, cut a small hole at the top of the head. You can completely remove a huge section if you want too. It depends on how full you want your skull to be. Once you've made your hole, figure out your floral arrangement. I used purple eyeball florals from the Dollar Tree. They also had red roses and black roses. Any florals will work depending upon your color scheme in your home. 

Cut the florals and add them to your skull. I added a little hot glue to keep them in place. I focused on covering most of the skull and used extra leaves and little sprigs to add more texture and make it more full. Make sure to hot glue them into place. 

3. This is the tedious part of the skull. It took an hour to arrange the sequins' eyes. I started by gluing the first sequins down in the center of the eye and went clockwise, adding one sequin at a time until the eye socket was completely covered. I used gold for this skull and added one purple one. (It took about an hour to do both eye sockets.)

4. Glue down your spider. I had to trim its little legs a bit. I used a good amount of hot glue. If you want to really secure it, add a little E6000 or super glue to your hot glue. If you have any extra florals, free to add them to the rest of your skull. 

This was one of the easiest DIY's. I am loving how it turned out. Please tag me on Instagram if you make one at @simplydurant.  

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Have a wonderful day. 

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