Pretty and Super Easy DIY Faux Plants for Your Home

Quartine got me crafting a lot. The other day I was doing my weekly shopping when I stumbled across a very cute plant at Target. It cost ten bucks and the more I looked at it, the more I realized that I could make it for less.

I headed to my local Dollar Tree to buy the items needed for this easy project. I picked up floral foam, succulents, river pebbles, and candle holders for less than $2.66 a plant.

Here are the Supplies needed: 

Floral Foam
Pot or candle holder

These pretty plants are super easy to make. I made them in under five minutes. I started by cutting the floral foam to fit into the containers. How pretty are these candle holders though? I wanted to add pops of blue on top of our cabinet in our main bathroom. I even made one for in the boy's bedroom on their new shelves.

I cut the stem of the succulent to poked the wire through the foam. You can add a little hot glue to keep it permanently in place. I covered the foam with rocks and glued them into place by pouring it all over the rocks. You could also use moss or colored stones in clear jars or votives.

Leave a comment below if you plan on making your own to pretty up your space with an easy DIY plant like these ones. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Enjoy your day.

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