Monthly Finds - February

Happy Friday Friends! I am glad you're here. Last month I thought that it would be awesome to start sharing some of my frugal finds that I find at local thrift shops and stores in our area as well as some of my favorite things. As I have mentioned before, I am a very frugal person. When you grow up living in poverty, you learn to value money and make it last. So, at the end of each month I am going to share some of my favorite things that I found. It will be a combination of fashion finds, home decor, beauty, kid stuff, and food depending upon the month.

For the past few months I have been hitting up a couple of thrift stores in our area in search for inexpensive pieces. I have been on a hunt for a small side table for in my daughter's bedroom as well as a coffee table to redo for our living room but I haven't had much luck. Instead, I find the unexpected; like items I wasn't really looking for but ended up buying because I couldn't pass it up. I have found wall shelves for in our bathrooms that were brand new, faux greenery for around our home, lots of beautiful wicker baskets to store blankets, cozy throws and pillows, and other things.

I have come to love my bi-weekly thrift store hauls. I usually allot myself anywhere from $15-$25 to spend on those trips. Sometimes I am successful and then their are the times when I go home empty handed. I had a lot of success this month and thought I would share my haul with you.

IKEA Finds for the Home 

Vivian Curtains in shade Gray

Metal Tin

Package of 100 votive candles

I always find something that I need when I make a trip to IKEA. Although I wasn't planning on buying anything for our home, I ended up finding curtains for our master bedroom. I have been wanting to replace the old dark brown curtains that we bought when we first moved down to the Portland Metro Area almost six years ago. I have looked at stores like Home Goods, Ross, and Marshall's but haven't found any curtains that I liked. I wanted something simple. I was very happy with this purchase from IKEA and you can never pass up a pack of 100 votive candles for less than $4 either.

Goodwill Finds for the Home

Kitchen Aid Mixer (Brand new and still in the box)

Rae Dun Tea Mug
$1. 99

Okay, let me tell you. My intent of being at Goodwill this month was because I was looking for a black sheet for a project I was working on for work. I finally ended up finding the sheet I needed. I happened to be browsing the aisles when I spotted this adorable Tea mug. I checked the bottom to look at the seal and almost squealed with delight. It was Rae Dunn! And who doesn't love Rae Dunn Mugs? I grabbed that mug with the quickness and happened to spot the Kitchen Aid box on the shelf. *insert deep sigh* I looked at the box and was so excited to find a brand new mint hand mixer inside! Yup, the mug and the Kitchen Aid ended up in my cart.

Beauty Finds

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Shade Tokyo

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Shade Sao Paulo

E.L.F. Bronzer Palette in Shade Deep

I love finding inexpensive beauty products that work. Nyx and E.L.F. are two of my favorite store brands that I love. I needed to replace my bronzer because I ran out and decided to try the bronzer pallet. I purchased it from Target. I really like it, although most of the shades I won't be able to use until summer time. They are a little too dark for my complexion at the moment. I am absolutely loving the lip cream from Nyx. I wanted a soft pink shade and a rosy shade for spring. I picked Tokyo and Sao Paulo and love how they look on my lips. They are such pretty colors and really pigmented.

Food Finds

Lotus Tea 
$6.00 at Hong Phat Market

Leaner Creamer in Mocha Flavor 

I wasn't planning on sharing food/drink finds but what the heck, I have been loving the Lotus Tea I found on an outing with one of my mentee's. We split the bag in half and I drink two cups a day and absolutely love it. I don't know the brand, but the next time I pick up a bag from Hong Phat Market, I will make sure to update this post.

My other favorite find happened via Heartbeat as an Influencer. They ended up sending me Leaner Creamer in the Caramel to try. As soon as I tried my first cup I purchased another creamer from the company. I also like that they send you free samples of their Leaner Creamer Coconut Sugar to try with your purchase. If you're lactose intolerant like me, I suggest you give Leaner Creamer a try. My stomach has not hurt in weeks and I have officially cut diary (cheese, yogurt, and ice cream) from my diet.

Children's Finds

Wall Book Shelf from Target
$20.00 via Goodwill find

I have been wracking my brain on how I was going to display books in the boy's bedroom. I tried a bookshelf but they would climb on it and I was worried about it falling on top of one of them. I tried baskets but Little Missy went on a rampage and ripped them apart. For the longest time I stored them in a box in the boy's closet but they couldn't access them. I happened to stumble upon this shelf at Goodwill but had seen it a lot in the kids decor section at Target. I just didn't want to spend $40 on it. Although it was a thrift store find, I bought it brand new and hung it above my son's desk. Now it stores the boy's favorite books and its a simply but adorable way to display their books.

These are my monthly finds for February.  Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day. Next month, I'll have photos of all my hauls.

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