Books We Love: Journey to Constellation Station by Lindsay C. Berry

This post has been brought to you by the Author of Journey to Constellation Station, Lindsey C. Berry. I was not financially compensated for this post; however, received a copy of the book Journey to Constellation Station to read and review with my children. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a child, I had an over active imagination and the desire to escape reality by diving deeply into the imaginative world's that literature had to offer. Through reading, it allowed me to get away from all the drama I endured at home in my early childhood years and helped build a fondness for reading and collecting books.

Now that I am Mom, I often find myself looking for unique books to read to my children. We actually are starting a new library from scratch...because about a year ago, my daughter decided to go on a book-ripping-rampage and destroyed many of the picture books that I had collected over the years for the boys. Our new library, although small, has books again and our latest addition is Journey to Constellation Station by Lindsay C. Berry.

“Journey to Constellation Station is the rhythmic story of an interstellar train ride that will whisk you into a special part of space―the magical Constellation Station.” - as quoted from the site 

For my children the book encompasses a few of their all time favorite things. Trains, space, stars, and similarities to their all time favorite book and movie, The Polar Express.

Journey to Constellation Station takes the reader on a grand adventure through intercosmic space allowing them to learn about various constellations in a fun and rhythmic way. Not only does the reader get to go on an adventure, but they get to learn about the constellations in our galaxy. The illustrations are absolutely breathtaking and the rhymes roll right of your tongue as you read it out loud to your children.

If your child is space/train lover like my three children are than I highly recommend that you get them this book and add it to your collection of literature. It has become one of our favorite bedtime stories. To purchase your own copy of Journey to Constellation Station, click here.

Journey to Constellation Station 
by Lindsay C. Berry 

Special thanks to Lindsay for gifting and allowing our family to read and review your book. My children love the personalized message from you. Journey to Constellation Station has become one of their favorite books.

Thanks for visiting the blog today. Have a wonderful rest of the week. 

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