Spring Nail Colors I Am Loving!

Spring is here, which means it is time to bust out all those pretty nail colors on your fingers and toes! I have been thinking about all the pretty colors for spring to get over the dreary gray skies and the endless amount of rain that we get here in the Pacific Northwest. We will have rain here until the end of May (maybe even June) which means it's still sweater weather. So the way I am bringing a pop of color into my wardrobe is with bright hues on my nails! 

I just love a simple color on my nails. 

I am not a fan of yellow, but for some strange reason, I am loving this bright butter yellow color. It's so pretty and will probably be the only yellow that I will ever wear. I just love that it's so bright and flashy. 

One of my favorite spring colors. I just love how fresh and vibrant the color is against my skin.

I am liking bright and vibrant blue hues like this royal one. The color is bold but is soothing in its own way. It would also look good for Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays this summer. 

Normally I don't wear the color purple but I do love the color lavender. It's just such a pretty hue, screams spring to me, and has a nice calming effect. 
This color is my favorite color. I just love the reddish-orange hue. It's so vibrant and pretty and this color will probably be one of my go-to this spring.

Another one of my favorites for springtime. Cherry blossoms are my favorite, from the smell to the pretty light pink colors. I just love it. This shade will be another one of my go-to colors this season. It's soft, pink, and just such a girly shade.

Such a fierce color. I love it. I find myself addicted to bright colors like this one. Plus, it looks so pretty on your nails. 

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