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This post has been brought you by Read with Fonics. I was not financially compensated for this post and received the app for free. All thoughts and opinions on Read with Fonics are my own based off our experience with the application. 

I am back with another great educational app for kids! I'm excited about the opportunity to team up with Read with Fonics. With summer break coming in less than 62 days for my oldest son, I have been on a hunt to find apps for our tablet for him to continue his literary and mathematical skills. 

He was diagnosed with ADHD back in February and learning subjects like math and reading have been a challenge for him. It is often hard for him to focus both at home and in a classroom setting. When I introduced him to Read with Fonics for the first time he was hesitant at first but once he started playing the app he really started to enjoy it. He now asks to play it every day and I don't feel like a "bad mom" letting him play on the tablet as long as he is utilizing Read with Fonics.

Read with Fonics takes kids on a progressive  process from simple sounds to more complicated spelling combinations. Your child starts at Water World and each time they complete a sound another one gets unlocked. There are four worlds in total: Water World, Forest World, Lava Land, and Jelly City. My sons favorite world is Lava World.

What I like about Read with Fonics is that it focuses on positive scoring. Your child starts at 0 and gains points for each correct answer that they get on phonics sounds. The concept of positive scoring is that success leads to more successes with every correct answer that they get. The more points your child earns, the more confident they become with their ability to understand sounds and improve their reading skills and level.

With Read with Fonics your child will learn at his/her own pace and on his/her own time. I have already seen an improvement with Amari's sounds and with his reading level since we started using the app.

If you buy multipack your child will learn 44 phonics sounds, play 116 phonics games, and learn how to read 1,200+ words. I highly recommend purchasing the multipack for your child. Read with Fonics is compatible with both iOS here, the Google Play Store here, and Amazon App Store here. Its used in 1,750 schools and in 72 different countries.

Read with Fonics has been a game changer in my son's educational experience and I encourage you to try it with your children as well.

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