Mom's Favorites of the Month: February

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Well its official, I am blogging from our new home. We moved last weekend and due to the chaos of packing, moving, unpacking, and then the entire family getting hit with the infamous stomach flu four days later the last thing I wanted to do was blog. Things are finally getting back to normal. No more scrubbing vomit out of brand new carpet. Goodbye piles of dirty laundry. And the forty some odd boxes in the main living area almost unpacked and sorted into its place. I really dislike moving but we needed a change and more space. The new place is slowly starting to feel like home.

I thought that I would share some of my favorite beauty and hair care products that I have used the past couple months with you. I have gotten a lot of questions about what products I use for my natural curly hair from friends and readers so, I thought I'd share them with you.


I actually just picked this lip oil up about two weeks ago from Sephora. I love a peach lip color for the spring and summer. What I like about it is that it is light, keeps my lips moisturized, and adds a nice subtle color to my lips. I purchased color Pure Peach and love it. I also like that its less than $20.


I have been wearing this perfume for years. Its one of my favorites. Lately, I have found myself wearing this fragrance a lot. I love the citruses and floral notes, the soft spiciness and sweet hints from the ginger and sugar, and the vanilla and musk. I usually buy myself a bottle every couple of months from Ross.


 I switch up my body wash all the time. I decided to give Dove a try. I like that this body wash keeps my skin moisturized and dry free during the cool winter months. It smells amazing and my skin feels soft after I use it.

4. HASK Aragan Oil from Morocco Products

Okay, hands down this is the best hair care product that I have ever used and I have tried a lot of different products on my hair. I started using Hask about a year ago and I love that it is free of sulfates, paraben, alcohol, and pretty much all the bad chemicals that destroy your hair. I go through a bottle of conditioner a month but my hair feels soft, is frizz free, looks healthy, and is super strong. I highly recommend giving Hask products a try. I also love their deep conditioner and Aragan oil too. 

5. CANTU Shea Butter for Natural Hair

I just started using Cantu in January. I have tried so many different products that just destroyed my hair. Having mixed hair, a lot of products don't work on my hair but Cantu works wonders for my hair and my curls look amazing. I get a lot of complements from people when I am out and about. If you have been looking for a product and have mixed hair, try Cantu.

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