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This post has been brought to you by Caffe Dali and contains affiliate links. I was not financially compensated for this post; however, received products to review for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Since becoming a mom, I can't function without a warm cup coffee every morning. My day just doesn't feel the same without it. I love coffee and appreciate its deliciousness throughout the day. I am a big fan of medium roast and enjoy a good coffee at least three times a day.

Caffe Dali uses only the highest quality of Arabic beans from Central and South America, East Africa, and Asia. The beans are purchased directly from family farms and are part of Direct Trade which is way better than Certified Fair Trade. With Direct Trade it ensures that farm workers are being paid equitably for their labor. You can feel good knowing that you are drinking the highest quality coffee. I have teamed up with Caffe Dali not only to endorse their delicious coffee but to also bring awareness to their cause. 

Every year tens of thousands of young girls and boys are sold into the sex trafficking industry. Caffe Dali has partnered with Destiny Rescue to save these children from being sexually exploited and abused. 20% of their profits goes to help rescue these youth and over the last five years, over a thousand children have been freed from the horrors of slavery around the world. This issue hits very close to home for me. In the Portland Metro Area alone, child sex trafficking has become a major issue and has become entwined with gang affiliations. Will join Caffe Dali, Destiny Rescue, and myself in the fight to bring an end to child slavery? 

By purchasing Caffe Dali coffee you are making a difference not only in our society but worldwide. Use code SIMPLYDURANT to get a discount off your purchase and know that you are helping to  save the lives of children. 

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