What Every Mother Needs in a Diaper Bag

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Finding the perfect diaper bag can be a daunting task. Believe me, I know. I have had many different bags over the past six years and am never pleased with them. I can't even count how many on one hand. How sad is that? But...if you're like me, when you do find the perfect bag to haul all the baby goods you get stuck with what to put in it. Organizing becomes an ordeal and the things inside change with the ever growing needs of your children. What you need for a newborn is drastically different than what you need for a toddler.
I have learned what items are essential for packing the perfect diaper bag over the years. Mostly from trail and error. My bag will be different from yours depending upon the
age(s) that you are packing for. My diaper bag needs to accommodate my toddler, my preschooler, and my kindergartener. I never leave the house without the following items in my diaper bag.

1. DIAPERS. I always pack a lot of diapers for my toddler and Pull-Ups for my potty training three-year-old. I pack at least 6-10 for each one of them. The more diapers the merrier. These are the first things I pack when assembly the diaper bag. 

2. BABY WIPES. These are just as important as the diapers. I keep a large Coscto size pack in the diaper bag at all times for diaper changes and cleaning up sticky little hands and dirty faces.

3. BABY POWDER OR DIAPER RASH CREAM. My youngest two have very sensitive skin and always seem to get diaper rashes. I always keep a small thing of baby powder and diaper cream in the bag to help prevent and heal their rashes.

4. CHANGING PAD. When out in public I always use a changing pad when the kids need changing. I never leave home without one.

5. HAND SOAP. To wash hands after changing the kids obviously. My three-year-old also likes to play with sticks and constantly gets his hands dirty when we are at the park. Antibacterial soap is key to keeping hands clean and bacteria free.

6. SNACKS. My kids always seem to work up an appetite. I pack applesauce pouches and other healthy snacks for them to eat when we are out and about running errands.

7. CLOTHES. Two words, blow outs! My toddler has a blowout at least once a week. I keep an extra outfit for her as well as an outfit for my three-year-old just in case he has an accident too. I learned the hard way with my first when he had a blowout at Costco. Somehow he managed to get poop all the way up his back and down to his knees and we didn't have extra clothes for him. He ended up riding home in just his diaper. #FirstTimeMommyFail 
Now I always make sure we have extra clothing in the diaper bag. 

8. TOYS. When we are out and about, the kids get bored. I keep little action figures or cars in the bag for the boys and a small doll for my daughter to play with. I also have a book, paper, and crayons for them to color with.

9. SIPPY CUPS & WATER BOTTLE. My kids get thirsty. I always keep sippy cups and a water bottle for each of them. 

10. BLANKET. My daughter often falls asleep in the car on long trips to Olympia or errands around the Couve. A blanket is key for keeping her warm on cold days. A blanket also comes in handy on sunny days at the farmers market. I just drape it over the stroller and block out the sun.
11. DISPOSABLE DIAPER BAGS. I buy these from the Dollar Tree to toss icky diapers in. I also use them to put soiled clothing in if my kids have had accidents. They really come in handy and keep the diaper bag nice and clean as well as stink free. Plus they are cheap.

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