Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch: 2013

We went to the pumpkin patch weeks ago but I have been seriously slacking on my blog game lately. We didn't get to go to Latin's this year, instead we went to Bi-Zi Farm here in the Couve. We had a great time. Amari loved it! Talan on the other hand had no idea what was up. Amari ran amuck in the kids hay maze, looked at farm animals, drank fresh apple cider, and helped daddy with his first ever pumpkin launch. He had a grand ol' time! We all did. They hayride to the pumpkin field was by far my favorite. I was lugging around a twenty pound baby and was happy to sit down for a few minutes. We grabbed a wheel barrel and went on a mission to find the boys pumpkins. Amari was a wee bit picky but eventually found his pumpkin. Trev ended up picking out Talan's while I helped Amari push the wheel barrel back to the hayride. We had a great time at Bi-Zi Farms this year and I can't wait to visit next year. Talan will be walking! ;D

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