Talan: 10 Months Old

Seriously...has it really almost been a year since my sweet little boy blessed us with his presence? Where has the time gone? In exactly two months we will be celebrating his first birthday. What?! Crazy! Talan is a little man on a mission ever since he learned to crawl. Little boy is a speed demon crawler too. I miss my non-moble baby sometimes but am enjoying my little mover and can't help but giggle a little bit when he falls over or I see his little Rollie-pollies jiggle as he moves. He seriously is the sweetest and funniest little boy and he loves to laugh and high-pitch squeal just for the fun of it.    He is even starting to try to get back at his big brother and gets him in trouble all the time... We constantly are catching him in the act. It's kind of scary that he has mastered the art at a wee ten months though. Talan is extremely vocal and isn't afraid to voice his opinion when he ain't liking something. He will scream and cry if brother takes his toy or his puffs. No one touches his things. His newest word is, "Dada." I have been trying to record him saying it but little boy never says it when I want him too. He is even clapping! My baby isn't really a baby anymore. He is becoming a big boy. I'm totally in denial about it... 10 months. Wow!

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