What's New with A.J. - Fall 2012

A lot has changed for Amari in the last couple of months and some of those changes have not been easy for my little man. Sweet boy has adjusted to the big move from Olympia to Vancouver and being away from Trevor's side of the family. He also went from being home with Dad every single day while I was at work to Dad starting his new job in November, me being at home, and having a new baby brother in the picture. He has made the adjustments even though I know that he has been plagued by jealousy and confusion at times and not liking the fact that he has to share Mom and Dad. Amari is  now a big boy and no longer my sweet little baby (even though I will probably always see him as one), so I decided to do quarterly updates instead of monthly ones for him. So, here is what's new  with Mr. Amari James in the last few months.

- Amari has added Big Brother to his professional resume. He is a great little helper when he wants to be. He often fetches me diapers or brother's binkie when I ask him too.

- Caillou, Poppy Cat, and Barney are his three new favorite shows. He also likes "Good Luck Charlie" and often refers to it as "Baby Charlie" when he wants to watch it.

- He enjoys baking with Mom even though he ends up eating some of the ingredients before we get them into the oven to bake.

- He loves to beat box and is actually rather good it at. For being only two years old, he has a lot of rhythm and timing and often stays on beat. When he gets older we plan on putting him in voice lessons and music lessons.

- He L.O.V.E.S the Seattle Seahawks! Every football team (high school, college, and pro) are known as the Hawks to him.

- He is super tech savvy. Stinker has managed to download multiple children apps on my phone without my knowledge. It is kind of scary that he knows how to navigate my phone better than I do!

- Amari is pretty bossy and often will tell Trevor or myself to go to our room if he doesn't like something.

- He is nosy too! He has to know what everyone is doing at all times.

- He also has Bieber Fever! If one of his songs comes on the radio he will politely ask to turn the radio up. He almost picked out a Justin Bieber ornament (instead of the purple Hippo) for the tree but Dad said no, LOL. * All I could think about was how hilarious it would have been when he was in high school to tell all his friends that he picked out a Bieber ornament when he was two and that's why its on our Christmas tree. *

- He has learned how to say Christmas lights, which is a rather big word combination for a toddler. He enjoys looking at the lights on the houses and gets rather excited when he sees them at night.

- Jingle Bells is his favorite Christmas song and he sings it often. He learned the song from Caillou.

- He has a penguin obsession and refers to them all as Happy Feet.

And pretty much that is what's new with A.J. for the last couple of months!

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