Talan: One Month Old!

I cannot believe that Talan is one month old as of yesterday! The last month flew by so quickly. Talan has grown so much and he is the sweetest little boy with a slight attitude when it comes to getting changed or his feedings are slightly delayed bye a minute or two. He also is a lot louder than his dear older brother was when he was this age. Talan is very laid back and mellow most of the time. He is content just being held or sitting in his bouncer and watching everything around him. He also has really good head control and is rather strong. He wakes twice during the night and is pretty good at falling back to sleep after being changed and fed. He likes listening to music and he hates tummy time. He is a snuggler and loves being held close. I adore this little guy and his sweet gentle nature. He is even starting to talk more and have more wakeful periods during the day. I look forward to watching him grow and interact more with his big brother. We love him so much!

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