Pregnancy Week 30: Baby #2

I have no energy these days. It's crazy to think that just four weeks ago I had all this energy and over the last couple of weeks it has gone out the window. I can barely make it through the day and it is definitely a challenge keeping up with my two and a half year old. Amari has loads of energy. He has been active since utero and lately it seems like his energy levels have been out of this world. Sometimes I wish he could give me some of his energy. I could really use it these days. I have to keep reminding myself that baby T is getting taller and fatter and in a few short weeks we will be meeting him. I cannot wait. Eight to nine weeks seems like a really LONG time, but it's not. The days may seem long but they fly bye.  I've just been insanely tired and my back is starting to ache a lot. Thankfully, Trevor Dear massages my back and swollen feet at the end of the day and I don't even have to ask him to do it. I actually look forward to it. There is nothing like getting a back massage and a foot massage every single night. It relaxes me and I'm actually able to fall asleep comfortably for a few hours before waking up to use the loo or change positions because Mr. T is kicking me in the ribs or doesn't like the position I'm lying in. I've been craving Kit Kat bars like no other... I don't even like them, but every time I eat one it is the best tasting thing in the world. I think I need to stock up on Halloween candy until this baby comes out. Trev and I decided on our delivery option. We are going with another c-section instead of trying for a VBAC. I have my 30 week check up on Wednesday morning and we will be scheduling our appointment and should have a date soon. So far, baby T is 15 to 16 inches tall, weights in around 2.5 to 4 pounds, and is the size of a cucumber! He also is growing a lot of hair! How do I know this? Because of the terrible heartburn I've been experiencing of course! =P

My muse at the moment. 
I'm usually not a fan of these delicious chocolate covered wafers, but right now I'm loving them!

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