Weighing Our Options: Birth Decisions

We have a big decision to make. Right now, we are weighing our options. Baby T is due in less than three months and we have no idea what type of delivery we are going to do for him. Earlier today we met with our new OB, Dr. Chang to discuss the two options that we have; another scheduled C-section or a VBAC. I had my heart set on a trying for a vaginal delivery but after talking with Dr. Chang I am not sure anymore. He told us all of the facts that we needed to know about trying for a VBAC as well as the risk factors. He literally scared the crap out of me and told us a story about a woman who was trying for a VBAC last week who had a uterine rupture and the baby's arm went through the rupture hole and was flopping around in her abdomen. He was able to save the baby in time as well as the mother. Hearing that story literally scared me then and leaves me uneasy now... I may have a 1% chance of experiencing a rupture which could lead to blood loss, blood clots, a hysterectomy, or even worse...death. He also informed us that if there was a uterine rupture the baby could be exposed to mental retardation or death as well. I'm not sure a VBAC is even worth it anymore. The thought of something happening to Baby T or to me is something that I do not want to think about. As a mother, I want to keep my unborn son safe and I would do anything and everything to make sure that nothing happens to him. We have three weeks to think about our decision and will inform Dr. Chang when we see him at my 30 week check-up in September. Decisions, decisions... Oh how I love making decisions.

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