Pregnancy Week 14 - Baby #2

Hello there 2nd trimester! It feels wonderful having energy again! I can actually do things now like chase my toddler around. For two and half months I had absolutely no energy at all and now that I landed a new job in Portland and we are moving to Vancouver I need all the energy I can get to pack. Tuesday was a pretty slow day for me energy wise. I ended up taking a nice long nap that was well needed. I blame it on the weather. It has been absolutely fugly in Washington the past few days; gray skies and rain, rain, rain that just won't go away. Where did the eighty degree weather and sunshine go? Please come back! I need some sunshine in my life! Other than that I have been feeling great with the exception of headaches. :] No more morning sickness, no more being queasy unless I smell something unpleasant, and no back pain. I have; however, been experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions. =/ When I do have them I either opt to take a warm shower or bath, go for a walk with Amari, or lay down and hope they pass. I don't remember having them until I was at least 30 weeks along with Amari and I did tell my midwife about them at my last check-up. We also talked about whether or not I would be able to go for a VBAC over a scheduled C-section. My next appointment is on June 5th and I meet with my Obstetritionist to see if a VBAC is an option. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it's a yes. :] Food craving wise I still want peaches (I finally found them at Jay's Fruit Stand), V8 juice, and hot spicy food. Salad is delicious to me too. I can't get enough of water with lemon either. I am hoping I'm not dehydrated because it is all I want to drink besides V8 juice and tea. For fun, I took a gender prediction test via old wives tale online and it predicted that Little Bean is a boy based off my cravings and tiny bump but... I think it's girl. In all the dreams that I've had it's a girl. ;D I want a girl because I would love to have pink, bows, and dresses in my life but if it's another boy I would still be happy. =] So far Little Bean is 3.4 inches tall, weighs 1.5 ounces, and is the size of the lemon. Baby is getting big!

 Little Bean is getting big! 
Boy or girl? 
What do you think? 

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