Pregnancy Week 13: Baby #2

Week 13 has been wonderful I must admit. No fatigue; thank God! It feels wonderful having energy again and being able to chase my two year old son around the house and in the yard. He is such a handful these days but an enjoyment none the less. Nausea has subsided and occasionally a few icky smells will make me queasy. The stench of ranch still makes me gag though. It is such an unpleasant smell and it doesn't help that my darling husband and son eat it with practically everything so there is no escaping it! It currently is the bane of my existence. Lately I've been having a lot of headaches. Headaches are not new to me seeing as I'm anemic. I try to not take anything for them and make sure that I am staying hydrated and it usually does the trick. I have been craving some odd things thought, like sardines, V8 juice, and peaches. I've been drinking V8 juice by the gallon it seems and I only allow myself 2 cans of sardines a week. Canned peaches sound disgusting to me and fresh peaches still aren't ripe in Washington yet. I wish they would hurry up cause this pregnant mama wants some peaches! So far Little Bean is 2.9 inches tall, weights around .81 ounces, and is the size of a peach.

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