Four Ways To Get The Outside of Your Home Ready For Winter

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Fall is here, and winter won’t be too far behind. As lovely as the crisp fall leaves can be, the ever-dropping temperatures can not be ideal, especially if your home isn’t prepped and ready for all that winter can throw at it. With snow, ice, and rain, there can be a lot of damage to your property if you allow it, without taking steps to help. So with that in mind, here are the things that you can do to make sure that the outside of your home is ready for all that winter has in store.


Check gutters

The gutters on the outside of your home can get filled with leaves and debris, especially in fall. If these stay there, then they can freeze when it is rainy and then cold, and can lead to blockages that can cause flooding inside the home, as well as damage to the outside of the home and cracks in the guttering. Getting the gutters cleaned professionally is pretty inexpensive, but it can save a lot of potential problems in winter.

Check your HVAC system

Most homes will have their HVAC system on the outside of their home, which is one of the reasons why it can work so well. However, getting it checked out now by professional HVAC services can be a good idea, before you need to rely on it each day. When the temperature really drops, you want to make sure that you can heat your home well and feel all cozy and warm over the winter.

Get your windows prepared

When there are extremes in temperature, it can cause problems for your windows. Not only that, but when there is wet and icy weather, any wood that has been untreated can expand, as well as rot. This is not ideal and can lead to costly repairs, so treating your window sills ahead of winter is a must. By doing this, you can repaint where needed, fill in any cracks, and make sure that they are otherwise treated and looked after, so there won’t be any problems with them. 

Look for cracks in the walls

If you have any cracks in the outside walls of your home, then you guessed it, during winter it can lead to some other issues. If water from the rain gets into the cracks, it can lead to potentially flooding inside the home, as well as mold. If the water gets in and then freezes in the gaps, this can cause problems to the walls, especially if there are cracks near the foundations. Simply checking the outside of your home for any cracks can help. If there are any, then they need to be dealt with and plastered up as soon as possible. 

One final thing to check, to make sure that your home is ready for winter, is to make sure that you have the right level of home insurance coverage. As there can be increased risk of things like flooding or damage from trees falling, making sure you’re covered will save you money in the long term. 

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