Hello, 2021

 I know this post is a few days late, but Happy New Year! 

We made it through one crazy and hectic year by living through a pandemic and somehow, surviving 2020 like a boss. Pound it. We survived.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the goals I wanted to accomplish for 2021. Due to COVID-19, I feel like most of my 2020 goals were unachieved, and instead, I focused on just get through the day. For 2021, my four goals are 1) Take care of my body. 2) Get our home organized. Make it homey. 3) Get creative. I need to finish writing the first draft of my book for my mentees. 4) Be mindful and connect with friends that I lost touch with over the years. And lastly, 5) Step by social media game up this year and grow my following.

Take care of my body. 

Walk 1.5 miles per day. 

Drink 8 glasses of water per day. 

Continue eating low carb. 

Limit Soda intake and sugars. Just stick to diet. 

Take care of my skin. 

Get our home organized. Declutter all the things. 

Donate things that haven't been used or looked at for the past 6 months. 

Organize all craft supplies. 

Get rid of clothes that are too small or that haven't been worn in months. 

Only keep things that bring joy to our lives. 

Get creative. Write. Write. Write. Craft. Craft. Craft. 

Sit down and write my teen fiction book. 

Get the first draft of the book done. 

Make pretty things for our home. 

Be mindful. Be present. Reconnect. 

Read a book a month. 

Practice mindfulness daily. 

Practice daily affirmations. No mental, emotional, or body shaming. Be my own cheerleader. 

Reconnect with old friends. Coffee/lunch dates. Send snail mail. FaceTime calls. Text conversations. 

Become a social butterfly. :)

Get to 8K followers on Instagram. 

Blog 2x's per week. Create a content calendar and stick to it. 

Instagram stories. Show my face even though I don't want to. 

Post 1 photo per day on Instagram. 

Boost engagement on Instagram. 

Make Insta Friends with other mom's. 

What are your goals for the new year? Comment below. Let's keep each other accountable. Thanks for visiting the blog and taking time to read over my goals for the year. Have a blessed and wonderful New Year lovelies!  

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