2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Boys (Ages 4 and Up)

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I feel so behind with my holiday shopping. I sat down with the boys this time around and they helped me put together this guide for you. If you're a last minute shopper (like I am this year), I hope this gift guide helps with one week until Christmas!

1. Leappad Ultimate by Leapfrog $79.00 + Free Shipping

2. Spider-Man Mask by Marvel

3. Just Play PJ Masks Transforming Figure Set (Cat Boy, Gecko, Owlette)
My children are obsessed with PJ Masks! We have the Cat Boy set and they love, love, love it! 

4. Star Wars Battle Front II for PS4
For the older boy in your life, I am pretty sure they will love this game. My husband and son play it all the time. 

5. Lego Play Sets like Star Wars, Ninjago, etc.

6. Hot Wheels

7. Five Nights at Freddy's Blind Boxes

8. Imaginext Toys by Fisher Price like Transformers, Bat Man, etc.

9. Hex Bugs $9.99

10. Minecraft Animal Pillow

11. Goosebumps Books inside Limited Addition Tin Case $26.76 + Free Shipping
My oldest has been really into Goosebumps ever since the movie came out a couple years ago. So why not introduce him to the books that Dad and I used to read when we were in elementary school? 

12. Squawk Game

13. Classic Lego Brick Box by Lego Classic

14. Soggy Doggy Game

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