How I Decorate Our Home for Fall

Fall is officially upon us. I know that I have mentioned this before but it is my favorite season. I enjoy looking out my window and seeing the rain falling from the gray skies above and watching the maple trees change colors. Although I have kept our home decor to a minimum this season due to slowly redecorating our main living space I find that it is still quite cozy and warm.

Now I am not a home décor blogger but I do enjoy making our home feel inviting. Here are a few tips that I like use to decorate our home for the fall.


I love making our home feel cozy by decorating our sofa and arm-chair with all sorts of pillows. I recently purchased checkered linen covers and keep it simple by keeping the color palette in the neutral shades of creams and gray. 


It gets chilly here in the Portland area at night. So I make it a habit to buy new blankets often. In the fall, thick knits are my favorite as well as blankets that are "soft like puppies" fur. I personally like to snuggle up with the kids (because they are mini little heaters) with a blanket while we watch football and drink hot apple cider. I added my Grandma's old wool blanket to my little bench and it's a nice pop of red and navy upon entering our home. I just recently added the blanket ladder next to the window. It’s made by a local guy in the Portland area and hung my favorite throws underneath a simple hay wreath.


I love the aroma of pumpkin spice. To me it is the greatest smell ever. I purchase candles as well as wax melts to put in warmers so our home smells like a fresh homemade pumpkin pie just came out of the oven. I also love the soft glow of the candles burning at night. It gives our living area a cozy feel and it's nice and relaxing after a hard days work.


Pinecones that once scattered across my late Grandmother's lawn are now adorned in a pretty basket. Tree limbs from my husbands Grandparent's house on the lake are in a vase with acorn ornaments in shades or orange, green, and brown. In past seasons, our color palette was in dark shades of orange but this season I wanted it to be more subtle with a few pops of orange and red here and there. Faux leaves in my favorite owl vase and garlands mixed in with greenery add nice touches. I also used inexpensive willow branches to make wreaths with burlap ribbon to hang from doors in our entryway/hallway. 

Autumn throughout our space is minimal and this year I am enjoying the simplicity. For now, I am content with it. I still would like to find a DIY coffee table and a rug to add texture and more warmth to our living area. I also have plans to make a DIY cushion for our kitchen bench and possibly paint our table. Our home is a work in progress but eventually it will be done. 

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