Mommy Style: Blue Suede Boots & Baby Blue Dress

It's the last week of summer vacation for my big boy. He heads back to school on Wednesday. The weather has been lovely, high 90's and sunshine. We went on our weekly walk around the historic Fort Vancouver. It happens to be our favorite park in the Couve and is full of so much history. The kids love the old English cottages. Both my husband and I are happy to we are getting back to our school schedule in a couple days. Tonight we find out who Amari's new teacher is going to be and he is getting pretty excited about it too. 

With summer slowly coming to an end I have been looking through my wardrobe to find key summer staples that I can transition into the fall. I purchased this dress on a whim (from Kmart of all places). I love their fall line and often find some great pieces that are good quality and made really well. I purchased a majority of my favorite sweaters from here and they are still in great condition.

What I love about this dress is the blue hues throughout the dress and the fabric's  thin enough to wear in warmer temperatures without getting too hot. I also like that my Mom belly isn't the main attention seeker either. I feel comfortable in my skin when wearing this pretty dress and the color complements my complexion well. It's perfect for the office too! Come fall, I will wear tights or leggings with boots and a cute scarf to complete the look. The blue "suede" booties are also a Kmart find. I bought them last winter and absolutely adore them! They are so comfortable and I often get complaints when I wear them. 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are most looking forward to come autumn. I would love to hear your comments. Have a wonderful day friends! 

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