Easter Basket Ideas for the Kids: Ages 6 and Under

Easter is just around the corner and I have been thinking about what to put in the kids baskets this year. I have a little too much fun shopping for goodies and picking out fun toys and treats for my two boys and daughter. It’s a little too fun if you ask me. I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to buying goodies for my babies. I love it so much!
I purchased their Easter baskets from Cost Plus World Market  a few years ago. I believe that they sale them every year and they are really well made and cheap. They also are very pretty and come in various colors. I bought pink, blue, and green. We use these baskets each year to save money but most importantly to focus on creating family traditions and memories. All three kids know what basket belongs to them so there is no fighting or bickering over the goodies inside. Best idea I have ever had, hands down.
I am not too keen on filling baskets with candy but rather useful items and healthy snacks. We do give them one chocolate bunny. My children are six and under and I don't want three kids running around like little Tasmanian Devil’s destroying the house when they already are hyperactive children. They get plenty of candy in the Easter eggs anyways. I have put together a list of items that I have put in their baskets over the years and that they like. 

1. Easter Plates 

2. Easter Cups 

3. Coloring Book

4. Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

5. Stickers

6. Play Dough 

7. Bubbles 

8. Chalk

9. Applesauce Pouches

10. Easter Book

11. Puzzles

12. Glow Sticks 

13. Action Figures or Dolls

14. Hair Ties, Headbands, Hair Clips

15. Sun Hat or Baseball Cap

16. Flip Flops

17. Swimsuits

18. Ball

19. Teething Toys

20. Bath Toys 

21. Gold Fish crackers

22. Socks and underwear 

23. Legos

24. Moccasins

25. Movies 

26. Small Games

27. Educational Workbook 

28. Pokémon cards, flash cards, baseball cards

29. T-shirt or onesie 

30. Chapstick 

All of these items can be found pretty much at any store. I plan on shopping at the Dollar Tree, hitting up Target's bargain section, and Old Navy. I hope this list gives you some ideas for your children's Easter baskets this year. If I missed anything feel free to leave a comment below and I will add it to the list.
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