Aurora: 6 Months

Aurora gets sweeter and more precious as each day goes bye. She smiles a lot and coo's nonstop. She is very sweet and gentle natured. 

- She loves to do tummy time now and play on her ocean themed floor mat.

- Her smile is so lovely. She wakes up smiling.

- She has also started teething...

- She has started wearing 6-9 months clothes but still doesn't fit into her shoes with the exception of her mocs from Kensington Lane and Tiny Shoes Boutique.

- Her pretty dark hair is falling out. Girl has a little mohawk going on.  :(

- Sweet girl still hates her carseat. She last about 30 minutes in it and than the diva comes out.

- Yes, Aurora is a diva! Don't let her sweet smile fool you.

- She whines... 

- She sucks on her thumb and her piggies! 

- She loves to make raspberries and smack her lips. 

- She is learning to give slobbery kisses. 

- She can roll from her back to tummy. Tummy to back. And around the living room. My baby is almost mobile! 

- She can pivot on her tummy and move about to get toys. Soon she will be crawling. 

- She can sit up by herself until she reaches for her piggies. She face plants when she does that.

- Aurora now weighs 17 pounds and is 25 inches. 

- She can feed herself with her bottle. She figured that out around 4 and a half months. 

- She loves rice cereal. She has tried green beans and is not a fan. We tend to introduce our babies to vegetables first. Bland foods before fruits. 

- She still loves sitting in her bouncer. She also enjoys her Bumbo. 

- Little Miss enjoys touching peoples faces. If she touches your face it means she likes you. 

- She likes reading her Princess books and playing with her brothers toys. 

- She finally enjoys bath time. Her favorite part of the bath time is getting her massage after.

We are enjoying getting to know this darling little girl. She is the sweetest little thing and she is so happy. We treasure our little princess and are eager to see what the next six months bring us. Happy 6 months Aurora Rose! 

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