We're Pregnant, again!

Yes that's right. The Durant's are expecting baby number three! We found a few weeks ago but decided to keep it hush-hush until we found a creative way to tell our family and friends. We are very excited about having our family grow. I was even more excited when we had our ultrasound and there was only one, not two little beans growing in my womb. Three is a good number. A very good number. Twins do run on my side of the family. Maybe one of my siblings will be the lucky ones to get a set a twins. ;) 
Baby Durant is due at the end of September. September 26th give or take a few days since we will be having another scheduled c-section. This will be our last pregnancy and I am hoping for a little girl. I need frilly things, pink, and tutu's in my life. We get to find out the gender in 4-6 weeks. Hurry up September! I am getting eager to meet this little prince or princess. 

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