Happy Easter: 2013

My hope was to get this post up days ago but that clearly didn't happen. It doesn't help that I have been suffering from vertigo for the past week. Easter was pretty mellow at our house this year. We didn't do anything special at all. We just spent time together as a family and enjoyed each other's company. The Bunny stopped by our humble abode and left the boys their baskets full of goodies and hid some eggs around the house since it was raining outside. Amari was more than ecstatic when he woke up and realized that the Easter Bunny left him an egg filled with jelly beans by his head. We heard his sweet little gasp of surprise all the way from our bedroom. We watched Amari dig through his basket and discover that his favorite movie, Wreck It Ralph was gifted to him from the Bunny; of course when we opened it we discovered that the DVD was broken. It was pretty hilarious when Amari remarked that Ralph wrecked his movie by punching it. He insisted that the Easter Bunny come back and give him a new one. After rummaging through his basket Amari went on a mission to hunt down his eggs. He discovered that he was three dollars richer and instantly put his money in his piggy bank. We attended service at our church and enjoyed a mini Easter dinner as a family. Happy belated Easter from our family to yours!


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