Baseball, Fort Vancouver and Parsons Airfield

Last Saturday was absolutely gorgeous outside. Trevor and I packed up the boys and headed to the park to play a little baseball and enjoy the sunshine that we hardly ever get here in the Pacific Northwest. Amari had fun playing baseball with his Daddy and like usual, I got a little camera happy and took more pictures than I needed too. Amari is surprisingly good at baseball. His hand/eye coordination needs improvement; however, he can hit the hell out of a baseball (even though he was hitting it off a tee). That's pretty impressive when you consider that he is only three years old. I can't wait tell he is old enough so I can sign him up for baseball and watch him developed as a player. I know Trevor has expressed that he would love to coach one of his son's baseball teams when they get older. I may beat him to the punch though! I think I would be an amazing coach to my sweet boys. How cool would it be to have a mom as a coach? Awesome! ;D I did enjoyed sitting back and watching Amari and Trev interact with one another as they played ball. He had a blast with his Daddy. Every day Amari gets better and better and he has quite the impressive swing. Tweak a few things here and there and he will have excellent form. After playing baseball at the park we headed to Fort Vancouver. Trevor Dear and I are both nerds when it comes to anything that has to do with history. When we arrived at the fort it was closed so we were unable to go inside but we enjoyed viewing the garden and educating ourselves on historical facts about the fort. We even watched planes take off and land at Parsons Airfield. Amari loves planes and he enjoyed it more than we did. Next time we visit Fort Vancouver we will make sure to go when the fort is actually open so we can see what it was like back in the 1800's. ;D

The Fort 
Parsons Airfield 

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