My Little Pumpkin Sprinkle for Baby T

Sunday afternoon was my sprinkle for baby T. My best friend Pam put on the shower and I have to say, it was wonderful and low key. The theme was My Little Pumpkin. A perfect fall theme. The shower was simple and the buffet table was extra delicious with pumpkin cream cheese rolls, pumpkin spice cookies, sugar cookies, and other delicious treats. I must say I got my pumpkin fix in and enjoyed spending time with my family and friends while opening the sweet and very thoughtful gifts that they brought for baby T. He is so loved and blessed and he is not even here yet. We have 21 more days until we meet our sweet little man and I cannot wait.

 Pumpkin spice cookies
 Pumpkin cream cheese rolls
 Sugar cookies
 The table spread of deliciousness
 What Mama has been craving. 
 Soon-to-be Grandma MiMi and Auntie J
 Pamela, big pregnant Mama, and Yorda. =]
 Sisterly <3 
Every time we are together we manage to wear the same color or shoes.
 Mother/Daughters photo opt
My sister Sheila being a belly creeper, LOL.
36 weeks, 1 day

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