Lents Park Love

We got our family photos from Diana at Diana Sell Photography! I must say, they turned out great! Diana does such a fabulous job and no one needs to know that it had been raining outside the day we decided to do our photos at Lents Park in Portland. We choose to do our shoot at Lents for a few sentimental reasons. 1.) We grew up in that park playing on the play ground and playing ball on the outdoor court, and 2.) Lents reminds us of Neil and of home. Note: For those of you who do not know who Neil was, he was our guardian who passed away last July from cancer. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot. 

Sibling love! 
<3 this photo.
Cute no? 
Aww, the Durant's.
<3 this photo too.
Look at his belly! 

Why so serious?
Uncle's = <3
Sisterly <3
Ha ha, Amari looks like a boss!
Dressed up with Unc-Randy & Unc-Shawn. =]
<3 this one too!

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