Mom Confession: A Year Ago Yesterday was My Due Date

 Updated and edited as of 3/4/2017.

This week I have reached deep into my archives, deleting irrelevant posts and editing the ones that had the  potential to be great posts. I stumbled upon this old gem and literally felt so damn old. My son Amari turned seven this year... 

When did that happen?  

Man, Father Time, slow your roll before I have to "cash you outside, how bout dah!" 

You can read Amari's birth story here. I decided to make this part of my Mom Confession series.

- - - - - - 

It is strange to think that yesterday, February 19th was my due date for Amari. Of course, he was stubborn and didn't want to come out on the day he was supposed to but that is to be expected. 

I remember being so frustrated and upset that I wasn't in labor yet. I ate so much pineapple and spicy food to try to kick start labor. I even walked a lot hoping that it would help but sadly it didn't. My doctor kept telling me at my 40 weeks check-up that morning that I could go into labor at any minute but I had a feeling that I wouldn't. I had a super stubborn baby in my womb that wasn't ready to bless us with his presence.

I remember being in the foulest mood ever. My poor husband, having to deal with an emotional hot mess who was a super pregnant and moody woman that would burst into tears for no reason or snap at him because I just felt like it. I don't think I ever apologized for it either... 

Sorry, Trev! 

I just couldn't help it. My emotions got the best of me.

It's also strange to look back at pictures and see how huge my belly was! I'm average height and was a pretty athletic person but I put on a lot of weight with my son. My belly was all baby. My body doesn't handle baby weight well at all.

My doctor was way off when he said that the baby was going to weigh in the low seven's department. My son came out weighing 8 pounds and 13 ounces and he was super long!

Trev and I spend a lot of yesterdays reminiscing about last February 19th when I was pregnant. I still can't get over the fact that it has been almost a year since Amari was born. I cannot wait to celebrate his first birthday with him.

- - - - - -

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave me a comment or link me to your blog. I would love to read your birth story. Have a wonderful day.

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