Emergency Room Visit

We had to take a trip into the ER yesterday morning due to Mr. Sickly not eating or drinking any fluids due to his bad stomach bug. This is the first time that Mari's been sick like this before. The last time he was out of commission was when he had Hand-Foot-Mouth when he was two. I started getting worried about him yesterday morning when he refused to take a sip of water, tea I made for him, or even Gatorade. As the morning progressed he started looking rather lethargic, his eyes were extremely sunken, and when he would cry there were no tears. In about 24 hours he had drank only a cup of water and had a few bites of food. I called the on-call nurse for advice after Amari almost collapsed walking from the loo to the couch. Poor thing. After multiple phone calls and talks with the doctor they told us to take him into the Emergancy Room. After about an hour of sitting he managed to eat a few crackers and a popsicle for the nurse. The doctor checked him out and monitored him but didn't see any reason to give him an IV. We headed home after our ER visit and Amari chowed down on more popsicles and was able to take in more fluids. His appetite is slowly starting to come back but he still has a bad case of diarrhea. Looks like he won't be at school again tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that little boy gets better and doesn't pass this mean ol' stomach bug on to his little brother. 

A Case of the Sickies, Eww!

I hate it when my babies are sick. I feel like I can't do anything to make them feel better. Amari came down with a bug yesterday morning. He had diarrhea and low grade fever which slowly turned into vomiting and an upset tummy. He is not used to being this sick. The flu is kicking his ass (pardon my French) but it's the truth. He has been curled up on the couch all day with the exception of multiple potty trips. Poor kid is miserable. I have done everything in my  power to make him as comfortable as possible last night and today. I am crossing my fingers and praying that Talan doesn't catch this bug. The flu has been extra vicious here in the Pacific Northwest this season and I can not imagine my sweet toddler battling this bug. Amari is one tough kid. He gets it from his mama obviously. I did get him into the doctors to get a diagnosis and make sure he wasn't dehydrated or having an ear infection. One good thing about our visit today was that he is not dehydrated. He is also now 38 pounds and 42 inches tall. He is one big kid these days!  We will be keeping him out of school the next few days to get some rest and recover from the stomach flu. I'm hoping that I don't catch this bug. I hate the stomach flu with a great passion. Plus I have a work event that I am organizing for Friday and I can't miss it. Keep our family in your thoughts as we recover and try to not get any sicker than we already are. Stay healthy! 

Single Parenting: The Ish Is Hard!

Two weeks ago I was a single parent while Trev was up in Seattle/Everett area for his new job. I knew it was going to be hard but I had no idea just how hard it was going to be. I didn't even last 24 hours before I felt like I was about to loose my damn mind. I have a whole new perspective for single parenting. The ish is hard. Honestly, I don't even think hard is the right word to describe the experience. I couldn't imagine parenting on my own. I have mad respect for those who do it.

There were a lot of lows and some highs; Amari is extremely challenging to parent. We are already aware that he has sensory processing issue that he was diagnosed with from when he was younger. I finally caved and picked up a book to better educate myself and to find more tools and resources to help him. The lows consisted of outrageous tantrums, head banging, and him calling me a sh*t because I took my Iphone away from him. I wanted to rip my hair out. I was embarrassed when my nosy ass nieghbor knocked on my door. I was upset cause my child wouldn't listen to me. I wept a lot that week. I have never been so frustrated in all my life. One of the highs of the week was that we were able to get him into school earlier than expected. Instead of attending school that Friday, he got to start on Wednesday and had an absolute blast. It was great for the both of us to spend some time away from each other for a few hours. He got to play, let out some steam, and socialize with new friends. He is my social little butterfly and his behavior was a little better once we got him home. I still have some soul searching to do to find the best way to discipline him. I know for a fact that spankings and yelling at him don't work. I don't know what will but I'm down to try anything that will work for him. I'm hoping that a referral to Emmanuel Children's hospital to a behavior specialist comes through and that a few books I have been combing through will help me out. 

My Great Grandmother was a champ and raised four kids on her own after raising her own two daughters and her grandchildren. She parented for three generations up until she passed away in 2001. I am glad that I'm not parenting Amari and Talan on my own. I appreciate having a partner like Trevor to help me along the way. I definitely have a new outlook on life. Single mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, grand folks, or even oldest sibling I have the upmost RESPECT for you. I definitely could learn a thing or two from you. You are my heroes. 

Wordless Wednesday - January Park Play