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Yup, We Are Almost All Moved In!

I'll tell you, moving with a one year old is rough! At least we are all moved in and trying to get settled into our new place. Getting a new apartment was a process (took an entire 2 weeks with all the paperwork we had to sign and submit) but it was worth it. The place is ginormous! There is so much room that I don't know what to do with it all.

I still have a few things to unpack and put away, but I'm almost done decorating Amari's room! I'm just waiting for his personalized wall art that I ordered from Etsy to come. The 8 x 10 birth announcement I ordered  from SweetpeaKidPrints should arrive on Saturday or Monday and I'm waiting on the hand-painted wooden letter's from PoshDots. I cannot wait for my goodies to arrive. I seriously love Etsy. It is now my favorite place to shop for things. Thanks Anna Marie (my cousin) for telling me about it! The cute bubble wall decals are on his walls (adding a nice pop of chocolate brown and baby blue against the stark whiteness of the walls) and I just need to hang up his curtains; although, I can't decide if I want to stick with the white sheer ones I got from a co-worker of mine or purchase thicker chocolate brown ones.

Decisions, decisions.

I have yet to tackle Trevor and my room. Boxes are all over the place! At least our clothes are hung up (well most of them anyways). I swear, the bedroom is always the last room to be unpacked. I have a feeling that our room won't be complete until after our wedding. I really want a new comforter set but being the man that he is, he keeps telling me to wait and put it on the registry. I want it now! Must be the super stubborn Scorpio in me. =) It doesn't help that Trev is also a Scorpio! I have the "I desire" and must have it mentality. Blame it on the Scorpio, I can't help it! I did find the cutest bedroom set at a Ross two weeks ago. I wanted it so bad but didn't get it. I'm hoping it is still there... It was so awesome and matched our bedroom colors perfectly and to make it even better there are twenty different combinations to choose from! How freaking awesome is that!

The kitchen and living room are pretty much done. Just got to recycle all the boxes and finish putting up the picture frames and organize our new bookcase with all my books and mount it to the wall. Oh, and hang up the window treatments (can't have Capital High Schoolers staring into my house while they skip classes now can we? At least we can keep tabs for Grammy B while she is working as a security guard patrolling the campus and trying to keep kids from getting into trouble)! =D

I'll post pictures as soon as the entire place is unpacked and looking homier!

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Yup, that's Right... Packing Time! We're Moving!

Trev and I have decided that we are moving into a bigger apartment. Right now we are currently living in a one bedroom and we decided that Amari needs his own space. Besides, he has a lot of stuff and I need to finish nesting seeing as I never got to complete his nursery. The past day I have been a busy-bee packing, packing, packing! To bad I'm distracted by the sweetest little one year old that thinks he's helping Mommy by taking everything that I pack out of the boxes! I am aware that he thinks its a game and likes to see my reaction when I tell him to go play with his toys and attempt to put everything back in the box; of  course, he still continues to be so very "helpful".

Today we packed up his book collection and a few of his toys. I left out a few of his favorite toys so that he has something to play with until Saturday when we move completely into our new place. All I know is that I am excited to put his room together. Over the past year I've found some pretty cute things that matched the nursery theme and I finally get to complete it! I even found these awesome wall decals in chocolate brown and baby blue to bring more color to his room and I got them on clearance at Target for $2.99. Now all we need to get him is a toy chest for all of the toys that he has accumulated over the past year and a book shelf for his room to display all of his lovely books. I even get to display my best friend Pam's one-of-a-kind painting that she made for my baby shower gift. I'm even tempted to try and do a few paintings myself even though I'm not he most artistic person in the world. I just can't pass up $5.00 canvases from Big Lots that are originally $20.00.

Even though I hate moving (because I've moved 12 times in the past six years), I am excited to move into a bigger place. It just means more space for our little family of three and a new beginning. I've always been a fan of change and decorating is my cup of tea. It's the only thing that I look forward to after a big move. The rest of the week will be filled with packing some more and cleaning our old place top-to-bottom so we can get our deposit back and I hope that Amari will enjoying having his own room! Mommy is going to make it super special for him.

Wordless Wednesday - Passed Out While Jogging

Mr. Cranky Puss & Rihanna

Oh Amari and his “girlfriend” Rihanna. Nothing makes him happier than to hear her voice blaring through the speakers. One minute he could be throwing a temper tantrum and screaming at the top of his lungs and as soon as her voice hits his ears he gets this big cheesy grin on his face and will start flailing his little arms and kicking his feet with excitement. We call it his happy dance.

Right now, as I type this post we are listening to Rihanna and have been listening to her for the past thirty minutes. I’m not the biggest fan of Rihanna, but stinker makes a fuss when I try to change the station and listen to something else. He is not in the mood for Usher or the Black Eyed Peas right now. He is currently sipping on his orange juice and having a dance party in his highchair. He is one happy little boy right now. I don’t know how much longer I can listen to “Only Girl In The World,” “Rude Boy,” and “S&M”. We have been listening to them over-and-over again. I think I’m going to have to make him a Rihanna playlist now.

The whole reason I was posting tonight was because he was on cranky little boy (because mama woke him up from his nap so he could eat dinner). His naps have been all over the place the last couple of weeks and Trev and I are having a hard time getting him to nap twice a day at the same time every day. Today he cried in his crib for an hour before passing out in his swing and sleeping for thirty minutes.  He of course woke up when he heard mama’s voice. =/

He cried all throughout dinner tonight and frustrated, I put on his “girlfriend” and he has been happier ever since. He is currently playing with a mixing bowl and a wooden spoon and rubbing his feet on the kitchen floor while he dances to “S.O.S”. I don’t even know where his fascination with Rihanna came from. All I know is that she makes him happy when he hears her singing. He even knows whom she is when her music videos come on the T.V. Talk about strange fruit right there! I guess I should be thanking Rihanna for making my one year old so happy and I am now on a mission to make him a CD for him so that he can listen to her 24/7 while he plays. Joy… 

Amari's "Girlfriend" Rihanna

A Very Belated 1st Birthday Post

Amari turned one years old this past Sunday and I must say, I was one very proud mama. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing little boy in my life. He of course had no idea that it was his birthday. The day was just a normal day in the life of Amari. Trev and I woke him up around 8:30 and he greeted us with his usual cheeky baby grin. He was so sleepy and we were so happy that he actually slept through the night. I had stayed up pretty late with my little sister Leanna baking cookies and making his birthday cake. I must admit I was very pleased with the outcome of the cookies and the cake. Amari’s birthday cake was the first birthday cake that I have ever made (EVER!) and it tasted delicious. There is nothing better than a banana flavored cake with a layer of vanilla pudding and butter cream frosting.

C'était très bon!

Leanna and I had our worry wart moment though during the decorating process but we managed to fix it. The bottom layer of the cake tried to die on us but we just put a lot of butter cream frosting on it and presto, we saved it. =D The fun part was putting on the star-shaped fondant cut outs. I’ve never worked with fondant before. It was like I was seven-years-old again and playing with play dough. We decided that we were going to have to write Buddy a letter because he makes cake baking and decorating look easy on the Cake Boss and it so is not that easy!

Trev, Auntie Leanna, the birthday boy, and I met Uncle Randy and Uncle Shawn at Black Bear Dinner for breakfast. Note: The Black Bear Dinner is both Randy and Shawn’s favorite place to eat breakfast at. The portions are Ridiculous! And yes, the capital R needs to be there. Serving sizes for the BBD are not normal.

Amari got his flirt on with the pretty waitress and we all found it rather amusing that she kept calling him her “boyfriend”. Every time she would walk past him he would stop what he was doing and would stare at her and grin before going back to whatever else he was doing. My son is the biggest flirt that I have ever encountered. I am very terrified of the day that the first girl calls our house and asks to speak to him. I can already tell that he is going to have the girls lined up around the block. Scary, scary thought. A.J. enjoyed eating his pancakes, hash browns, and scrambled eggs while the adults just mingled. After our delicious and rather fulfilling meal we made our way to Target before heading home. 

Grammy B, Grandpa, and Auntie J stopped bye to pick up the cake and a few presents that we couldn’t fit in the Camry. They visited for a few minutes before heading home. We were all trying to get ready for Amari’s party that they were hosting in less than an hour. Trev and I stuffed the party favors quickly while Leanna played on the floor with Amari and then we made our way over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We finished decorating the house and we hung up the birthday banner that I made out of craft paper and super fun sparkly paper. I <3 the sparkly paper. The banner turned out amazing even though the font that I used for the letters made the I’s look like J’s. =P It was my first “Do It Yourself” (DIY) project and we can use it for many years to come.

A few of our family members were unable to attend the party due to the bad weather, work, and being off at college but they were here in spirit and even sent the birthday gifts along with aunts and uncles for the birthday boy. A majority of our family members and close family friends joined us in celebration; we had a blast! Amari has a lot of amazing people in his life that love and care for him. He got lots of great gifts and enjoyed eating his birthday cake. Happy 1st birthday Amari James! I look forward to another great year of milestones and amazing-ness. Mommy and Daddy love you very much. 

Can I have some?

Mmm, yummy!

The birthday boy!

Mmm, cake!

Presents, presents, presents! 

The birthday banner I made.

Uncle Shawn and Amari in his birthday outfit.

Happy birthday Amari!

Amari with his mellow Uncle Shawn and Auntie Leanna

Amari and Great Auntie Pam

Amari and Uncle Randy

Cousin Bridget, Kristen, and Amari

Mommy, Daddy, and Amari

Amari <3's Grammy B and Grandpa

The cookies that Auntie Leanna and I made.

The birthday cake!

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