About Us

Hi, I'm Natasha. The creator and voice behind Simply Durant.

I love shoes... Seriously, I love them. I have an obsession and my husband gets mad at me every time I bring a new pair home. I also am addicted to coffee and chocolate. They make me so happy. I enjoy fashion, cooking, baking, crafting, and decorating my home. I'm obsessive compulsive and can't function when things are cluttered and unorganized.

In college I studied Cultural and Ethic Studies. My degree is in American Studies. I am a nerd. I love history.

I am a west coast native born and raised. I currently reside in the PNW (also known as the Pacific Northwest) for those who aren't too familiar with the lingo. I call the Portland Metro area my home and I have the best jobs ever. I am a full-time working professional and a mom to three beautiful children. Sure they drive me nuts but at the end of the day they are my world.

This June, my husband Trev and I will be celebrating our five year wedding anniversary! We have been together for seven years this March.

My oldest son Amari was born on February 27, 2010. His name is Swahili and means strength. His name is very fitting. He is one of the strongest little boys that I know both physically and mentally and he has been that way since birth. He loves Legos, hot wheels, video games, and sports. Kid has been throwing a baseball since he was 10 months old. He has an amazing arm and will be starting his second year of baseball this spring.

My youngest son Talan was born on November 13, 2012. His name is Welsh and means opportunistic but there are times when he will use his little talon's if things don't go his way. He is my sweet boy and totally a mama's boy. He is hilarious and is always doing silly things. He is my adventurous child and is not afraid of anything. He loves anything and everything that has to do with dirt. He is always getting into something.

My youngest child is Aurora. She was born on September 20, 2014. She's my little girl and the sweetest little thing. She is our real life little princess and we adore her. She is sweet, full of life, and loves her big brothers to death. She follows them everywhere they go.

I started Simply Durant as a hobby back in 2010. It was my way of documenting my oldest son's life. I wanted to preserve all of his childhood memories. Over the past six years a lot has changed and I want to do bigger and better things with SD. I'm working on a blog revamp which is currently still a work in progress. I love blogging and sharing our story with you.

Thank you for following along.

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