T-ball Season

T-ball is almost over. Amari is loving it. He is enjoying being on the yellow team, also known as team Minions. It has been fun watching him learn how to play the game. His swing has vastly improved over the last four weeks. He has some power behind his swing now and ended up hitting a line drive up the middle on Saturday and a hard groundball that went through the infield. He has even fielded the ball cleaning and uses his body when he needs too. We just need to teach him a good fielding stance and to always throw to first base. Sure we are constantly yelling at him to stop kicking and throwing dirt 98% of the time but everyone on his team is doing it. Mari does have the best arm on the team and is often at third or shortstop. He doesn't like playing catcher but looks so stinking cute in catchers gear!

He has two games left in the season and we can't wait tell he is old enough to play pitch-hit next season. This year he was five months too young to play but he will be playing next season. This summer we plan on working on fundementals and basic rules of the game. He also needs to work on his hustle both on and off the field. Amari is a natural when it comes to playing ball. He has been throwing since he was eight months old and his arms amazes lots of people. He is finally at that age where he can do extracurricular activities and it is exciting.

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