What's New with A.J. - Winter 2015

Amari is 5... I'm kind of in denial about it. My sweet boy has been around for half a decade and I couldn't imagine life without him. Sure there are times when he pushes my buttons, tests me on the daily, acts like a little drama king, snaps and pretty much blows a gasket and clears tables out of pure rage, throws toys across the room, or even picks on his younger siblings; at the end of the day he is still my sweet baby and I am excited to see what five brings him.

- Amari is extremely athletic. This spring he will be playing baseball and maybe soccer. He is still deciding.

- In December he started at a new school. He seems to enjoy it, loves his teachers, and has made two really close friends. The class size is smaller and we are enjoying the curriculum. He has learned a lot over the past few months.

- He can write his name.

- He is learning to write and working on sounding out letters.

- He loves putting puzzles together.

- He is obsessed with Star Wars and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leonardo is his favorite turtle and Yoda is his favorite Jedi.

- His favorite shows are Ninjago, TMNT, and many others.

- His jam is "Uptown Funk." He makes us listen to it nonstop.

- Mari is a great big brother and a good helper. He is always eager to please and help out in any way.
- His favorite colors are blue, green, red, and brown.

- He is obsessed with the movie Polar Express. Next year we might have to go on the train. He would love that!

- Kid loves fruit snacks, Gogurt, and apples.

- Hot Wheels and Legos are two of his favorite toys to play with. He is a master builder when it comes to his Legos. He will sit and build for hours.

- Bugs scare him. I don't know how many bugs I have to kill or put outside for him. He squeals like a little piglet and it's hilarious.

- He loves to give hugs. He is Mr. Affectionate.

- Amari's smile lights up the room. He is a beautiful smile.

And pretty much that's what is new with A.J. these days. If I forgot anything, I will add it the next one. I still am baffled that my little dude is five now. I wish I could slow down time. I am missing my Itty-bitty baby.

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