Pregnancy Diaries: Week 22 and 23 (Baby #3)

I am feeling lots and lots of movement from our little princess these days. Like both her older brothers, she is one active little lady. She still is nameless though. I personally think that picking a girl’s name is a lot harder than picking a boy’s name. Deciding on Amari and Talan's names was a piece of cake. We do have a few names that we love on our list for our little lady. Trevor Dear and I are deciding if we want to share her name now or wait until she makes her grand debut in late September. First we have to pick a name! I do enjoy leaving people in suspense, especially my sister.

Morning sickness is slowly starting to dissipate. I was never this sick with my two boys; Little Miss has been rather vicious to me. I am feeling great so far this week though. Last week was rough. I was thankful enough to have big brother Amari rubbing my back and keeping little brother out of the bathroom when I had 1:1 meetings with the Porcelain King. I have had zero dates with him this week and I am very grateful for that. I do find myself getting extra hormonal, to the point that my emotional state is that of a teaspoon. I get annoyed rather easily, frustrated quicker than normal, and I could care less if my opinions hurt someone's feelings. I need to check myself. Damn hormones.

I have a prenatal massage and chiropractic appointment this Thursday in hopes to get some lower-back pain relief. Each pregnancy the ache in my lower-back region gets worse and worse to the point that I cannot get comfortable let alone sleep. Hopefully I will get some relief. I may have to bust out my belly brace as soon as possible.

As for cravings, all I want these days are strawberry lemonade and S'mores. Something about the sweet and sour combo that I just can't get enough off. I have been turning down junk food for healthier food options and making sure that I walk more. I need to increase my exercise more so that I don't look like a whale in few more months, LOL. As of today, baby Durant weighs about 20.8 ounces and measures about 12.7 inches and is the size of a grapefruit. Our little Princess is getting big!

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