Eek, Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween and this year we got to spend it with friends. Amari was the Incredible Hulk and Talan was a little oatmeal colored Bear this year. We stopped by Great Grandma's and Grandma Debbie's to get quick treats before heading to our friends house to wreck havoc on their neighborhood with a three and four year old. Little people can do damage with their cuteness! Everybody loves giving them handfuls of treats. It was precious watching Amari and his buddy Hayden run from house to house with their glow-in-the-dark swords screaming trick-or-treat. We did encounter someone pulling tricks in a gorilla costume, which scared Amari. He didn't want to go to a few houses after that but eventually got over his fears. Amari and Hayden had a blast this Halloween and know they had a great time together. Amari has a bucket full of candy to prove it. Happy belated Halloween! ;D

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