Home to Oly

We packed our bags and headed up to Oly for our last trip before baby T arrives in November this past Saturday. We had a real good time. It was nice relaxing (though I was pretty miserable and exhausted the whole time due to my pregnancy) but Amari was excited to see everyone, especially his GiGi. He even got a new WAZZU shirt thanks to Papa and Nana. Go Cougs! As you can see, the Durant house is divided when it comes to college football. I still love my Ducks though. ;D

Our main purpose for taking the trip up North was to watch Capital play and cheer on Baylor. Since moving down South we haven't been able to watch a single one of his games and seeing as it's his senior year and Capital was playing Tumwater we had no choice but to go. Amari refused to nap no matter how many times we tried to put him down. He was too excited about seeing everyone that he didn't want to miss a single second. He even got a surprise when we arrived at the game and cousin Bridget was there! She had taken the long trip from Pullman to watch her brother play. The game was packed and Mr. Amari danced the entire time while the band played and screamed, "Touchdown" and "Go Bay," at the top of his lungs for most of the game until he fell asleep in the third quarter. Like his Mom and Dad, he loves football even though he thinks every team is the Seahawks!  The outcome of the game didn't fall in our favor with Capital loosing to Tumwater 35 to 28 in two overtimes; however, we had a great time. It was a great game and I was just happy that we got to watch Baylor play at least one game this season. I'm crossing my fingers and wishing the Capital Cougars the best of luck and hoping that they win the 2A state title this year.

We may no longer live in Oly but we still consider it our home. It was nice being home and spending time with Trevor's side of the family. We had a nice dinner Sunday night before saying our goodbyes and heading back home to the Couve. The next time we head back to Oly baby T will be with us for the Turkey holiday! =D

Chowing down on popcorn and super into the game.
He was watching his cousin play defense.

Checking out the cheerleaders!

Baylor is somewhere in there... He's number 70. :]
Amari fell fast asleep during the third quarter on MiMi.
Papa making silly faces at Amari.
Daddy time!
Papa teaching Amari how to play the piano.
We may have to put him in lessons in the near future.
He loves his great grandparents!

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