The Oregon Zoo

This weekend has been exceptionally hot. And I mean hot! If you are not from the Pacific Northwest, you're not aware of how mild our summers can be here. Hot to us is anything above 85 degrees; shoot...when it's sixty in the spring we bust out our shorts, tanks, and flip-flops like it's the thing to do. It's just how we roll here. :] This past weekend it was ridiculously hot! I mean ridiculously hot! The temperatures were scorching and being 5 1/2 months pregnant when it is that hot outside with no air conditioning in the house is not fun. It sucks! It really, really, really sucks! We had every fan in the house going, both Trev and Amari hung out in their underwear (sorry if it's too much information), and I kept sticking my head in the freezer and taking ice cold showers to try and keep cool. Fun times at the Durant house, not! Saturday we hung out at the pool. Sunday we went to the lake. And Monday we decided that we were going to the Oregon Zoo! We had a blast even though I have come to realize that I have little patience for people these days, especially rude people who are inconsiderate of others and do not pay attention to the fact that other people are waiting in line to see something or do a photo opt and they cut right in like no one else is pay any attention to them. Really? I held my tongue for the most part, afraid of what my hormonal and moody self might say, but after a while comments have a tendency to slip right out my mouth and I don't care about hurting any ones feelings either. After a while, it gets frustrating watching other kids or sometimes even parents almost knock over your toddler or another little kid because they have to see the lions or the otters right then and there and nothing else matters. Blame the hormones! =/ Besides all that drama, the zoo was fabulous. :] Amari had a blast, we walked for a total of three hours around the park and simply just enjoyed our time together as a family; not to mention that it wasn't too hot outside yet. We ate fries in the cafe and I almost had a heart attack when Trev tapped on the glass to get the attention of a cheetah when we were at the African exhibit. Mr. Cheetah was not happy with him and kept eyeing both Trev and Amari down like they were a piece of meat. The animal activist in me and the mom in me didn't like it too much. The signs clearly state to not TAP ON THE GLASS but my dear husband ignored the signs and felt my wrath, LOL. It was sweet when we reached the giraffe exhibit though. Amari loves giraffe's and we spent most of our time watching them for his benefit. We had a great time at the Oregon Zoo and now I'm trying to figure out when we can take a trip to the coast to go to the aquarium. :]

American Bald Eagles

Stinker in an eagle nest.
A sleepy monkey. Amari thought it would be funny to bug him by tapping on the glass.
Monkey watching with Dad
A little R&R time for Amari.
Spying on the sleeping Hyena.
Look at that sweet cheetah face...
Stop tapping on the glass Trevor!
The animal activist in me did not like it one bit, LOL.
Don't ask... Amari insisted he put his head in the lion statues mouth.
Chillin' with Sarabi and Simba. :P
Amari found his favorite animal. The giraffes!
We seriously spent 10 minutes here. He loves them so much.
Mr. Gator, aka Nemo to Amari.
Stinker is more afraid of fish than a gator... Makes no sense to me.

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