Kruger Farm Farm Tunes

Thursday night we headed over the Columbia River to Sauvie's Island to meet our family friend's the Larkin's at Kruger Farm for the Farm Tunes event that they have every Thursday night in the summer. We pot-lucked it and enjoyed the jazz/ragtime inspired tunes from the Shanghai Woolies. Amari loved it! He pretty much danced the night away, sucking on sticks of honey, and flirting with Ashley's three gorgeous daughters. It was great to see Ashley and her husband Mike. The last time we saw them was the night of our wedding and I know that Trevor enjoyed himself as well as the music. The farm was packed and thankfully it was a beautiful evening. Amari was most intrigued by the pig in the barn and was most surprised by the chicken's surrounding her. He even got to look at (not pet) the two little piglets and had nothing but smiles on his sweet little face. Like his Great Grandma Dee, he loves animals even if they smell! I lost count over how many times we took him to see the pigs and the chickens but he never seemed to grow tired of visiting them. :] At least he didn't ask to take one home with us. As the evening drew to a close we all waited in line to go on a hay ride and Trevor Dear showed Amari how to pick black berries. It was pretty hilarious watching him run back and forth across the dirt path to pick berries on his own. He is so independent these days. The hay ride was blast and we enjoyed the atmosphere on Kruger Farm as we explored it with our eyes. The farm is absolutely beautiful and anything and everything seemed to excite Amari. Sometimes it amazes me how the simplest of things are brand new experiences for others. I love seeing the world through Amari's eyes and I cannot wait to see how he embraces being a big brother in three and half months. I'm so glad that the Larkin's invited us to join them at Kruger Farm. It was a blast!

 Mmm, fresh honey from a farm. 
 Dancing by himself...
Do not touch the chicken or the egg you lazy oinker! 
 Piggy watching with Dad
Apparently, this chicken belongs to Amari. He called dibs!
 What a follower! He followed the rest of the kids up the bales of hay.

 Going on his very first hay ride. 

Our first hay ride as a family! 

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  1. How fun to read your words of our time together! We loved being with you and your precious family and have got to do this again sometime. Amari is such a doll! Sending much love to you all.