A New Chapter Begins... The Big Move

Well, we are safe and sound in our new home in Vancouver. I'll tell you. The move has been pretty stressful but we had a lot of help from Trevor's family over the weekend and Amari enjoyed having a two day sleepover at Poppi and Grandma's house. Trevor and I managed to pack up the rest of the house by Thursday and started cleaning up the bathroom and the kitchen. I felt homeless by Saturday when all of the furniture and boxes were loaded up in the Uhaul though. Poor Amari... He had no idea what was going on.

Once we left Olympia and made the two hour drive down south all was well. The drive went relativity smooth with the exception of stinker and GiGi whining in the backseat, LOL. We made it in impeccable time, got our new keys, and started unloading the Uhaul; of course, I was not able to do much (being 17 weeks pregnant) which made me feel like the laziest person in the world. I do not like not being able to lift heavy boxes, furniture, or even my son for long periods of time. We managed to get the truck unloaded rather quickly and got all the furniture placed where we wanted it to go. After a quick meal and returning the Uhaul we said our goodbye's to Trevor's family. It didn't dawn on Amari that we no longer live in Olympia close to Nana and Papa, Aunt Pam, Bridget, Baylor, Poppi, Grandma, GiGi, and of course, Nemo. For the past two days I have been running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off unpacking and trying to make the new spot as homey as possible. It's almost livable now give or take a few boxes! =P Today I managed to hang up most of the pictures around the house. Tomorrow I'll tackle the master bedroom and Amari's room.

On another note, Amari has started sleeping in his big boy bed. He is so proud of himself even though every single stuffed animal that he owns now lives on his twin bed. He looks so small in his bed and the transition has been rather easy. So far we are all taking the new change in our lives day by day. Today Amari was a demon child but he got to talk to his Auntie's and Grandma and Poppi via Skype which made him happy. We also started potty training him now that he has his own bathroom. We have been bribing him with cookies which probably isn't the best thing to do in the world but it seems to be working for now. Trev and I both feel that Amari is too young to set his own goals but I'm hoping we will have him going pee-pee and pooh-pooh on his own by November. We would like to thank Trevor's family for all their love, support, and for helping us over this past weekend with our move. We appreciate everything that you have done for us and we will miss seeing you all the time. A new chapter officially begins for our family of three and we are pretty excited about it.

Home sweet home...

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  1. Hope you guys are settled in and enjoying your new place :)