Happy Father's Day: 2012

Today is Father's Day. For years this day went uncelebrated for me and my siblings. To us, it was just another day. It was like any other day until Amari came along. Many of you know that I grew up not knowing my father. I have no idea who he is, what his name is, or what he even looks like.         I would always mentally cringe when someone would ask me where my father was growing up because I never knew what to say. To me he just didn't exist. He was never present and when I did ask my mother about him it was always a touchy subject. I did have the luxury of having friends who had remarkable fathers in their lives and through their relationships I learned about fatherhood. Lucky for me I had great men like Neil, Mr. Pietryzk, Dennis, and Dan in my life. I was blessed with a wonderful partner when Trevor came along and he has been an amazing father to our sweet little prince.

When I watch Trevor interact with Amari I cannot help but smile. Fatherhood came naturally to Trevor and he adores his son with all his heart. The father/son bound is unbreakable with these two and Amari looks up to his Daddy as if he is the greatest thing in the world. Amari has nothing more than a big smile on his face whenever he sees his Daddy. The first word that he learned when he was eight months old and learning to talk was Daddy. Thinking back on it now, it was only a year and a half ago but the memory is one I'm sure that Trev will hold on to for forever. On the day Amari was born he was so proud as he held him in his arms for the first time and he even got a little emotional and cried in the delivery room. Amari is defiantly a Mama's Boy but his favorite person in the world is his Daddy. It's fun to watch the two of them play baseball in the front yard, wrestle in the living room, and snuggle on the couch watching ESPN or playing the Wii. I'm sure that these are memories that both Amari and Trevor will hold onto. Trevor is the greatest father to our son and he loves Amari unconditionally. I could not have asked for a better husband and father for my son.

Father's Day was pretty low-key for us. I spoiled my darling husband with his favorite dinner of parmesan chicken which was a hit and a new family favorite I think. We Skyped with the family back in Olympia and plan to snuggle up on the sofa, eat German chocolate cake, and watch a movie before calling it a night. Even Little Bean decided to grace Daddy with his or her presence on Father's Day for the very first time. :] We are not sure if it was a head or a butt but he got to see his son or daughter wiggling in my tummy. Trev couldn't have asked for a better gift from Bean today. So Happy Father's Day to my sweet, wonderful, husband Trevor Dear! You are an amazing father and you do it as if it is the easiest thing in the world. You are truly wonderful!

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  1. this is such a sweet post. your husband is lucky to have such a loving lady in his life..and i'm sure you feel so lucky to have him, which is such a great thing to have in marriage!

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