Why Hello There Little Bean: Baby #2's First Ultrasound

This is a belated post by two days but I wanted to get it out. :] On Thursday afternoon Trevor, Amari, and I saw our little bean for the first time. There is nothing more magical then seeing the little person growing inside the womb. Pregnancy is a fascinating time. I can't believe that three months have already passed and we have six more months until we meet our new addition to our family. Little Bean is officially what I am calling this baby until we find out the gender in seven more weeks. I'm still hoping for a little miss in my life. I'll be just as thrilled with another little boy as well. Little Bean was sleeping when we decided to pay him or her a visit; typical of course, LOL! I was more than happy when there was only one baby and not two. Trev kept joking for weeks that we were having twins. =/ The baby's heart rate was normal and everything looked great according to the technician. She did worry me though when she asked me when my due date was and I replied, "November 17th... Why?" She of course assured me that nothing was wrong and informed us that the baby was measuring at 13 weeks and 1 day. I was supposed to be 12 weeks and 5 days at the time. Three days ahead isn't bad right? My calculations were almost right. Math and me are not the best of friends, LOL. =P Amari on the other hand was so precious as he looked at the screen and saw his little brother or sister. He had nothing but smiles and was tad bit confused when he would look at my belly and then the screen. Trevor asked him if he wanted a brother or a sister and Amari just smiled and happily replied, "Baby." On very rare occasions he'll tell you that he wants a sister. :] Now, I just need to get Trev on the baby naming bandwagon! Picking names this time around is going to be a challenge I think.

A picture of a picture. Not the best quality, but it will due tell I figure out how to use the scanner.
There is our sleeping Little Bean. 

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