Papa and Nana Come Home!

After four long months of living in Palm Desert, Papa and Nana have finally come home for the spring/summer months. Amari was nothing but thrilled when Trevor told him that Papa was on his way home. He kept walking around the house for the past few days asking for Papa. He loves his Papa. It's a Bohlke/Durant tradition to have dinner the night they come home. Last night we had pizza at Farrelli's and it was delicious! :] As soon as we arrived the restaurant was packed and Amari was grinning from cheek-to-cheek when he spotted his Papa. We ended up sitting at two booths directly across from each other. Dinner was wonderful and the conversation was great. It is always great spending time with family especially when they have been away for a while. After dinner, the balloon animal maker came over to make Amari a special treat. We decided to have  him make Amari a dog because he loves them but Amari kept pointing to the Farrelli's balloons. He wanted a red one and the balloon animal maker found it hilarious that Amari didn't want one of his special balloons. He was so happy with his red balloon. =] GiGi on the other hand wanted to get a balloon animal made  for Amari, so she had him make her a brown dog and she gave it to him before we left to go home. Welcome home Papa and Nana! We missed you!

 Happy to see Papa and Nana!

 Big boy eating a salad. Yum!
 Making faces with GiGi.
 Hanging with his three favorite people and his red balloon.
Puppy balloon animal.
So cute.

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