What's New with A.J. - The Month of April

I feel like I am going to miss something cause I always do when it comes to what's new with Mr. Amari James every month. He is constantly learning something new on a daily basis and his language development is exploding like no other.

- He is fascinated by the moon and the sun. He knows that in the morning the sun comes up and at night the moon comes out. If you ask him to look for the moon, he will walk around the house saying, "Moon? Where are you?" He also gets upset when its cloudy out at night and he can't see the moon. =]

- His favorite line is, "Uh oh, what happened?" The other day Daddy broke the light switch for the ceiling fan and that sweet little saying came out his mouth. He seems so concerned when he asks it.

- He has officially learned how to make the smacking sound when he gives kisses and he will often say, "Mommy kiss," or "Daddy kiss," when he wants to give one of us a kiss.

- He is learning the alphabet. So far he knows A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

- He can count to 11.

- He likes the the color green.

- His new favorite show is Sponge Bob (sadly).

- He loves to sing along to "Glad You Came" by the Wanted.

- His favorite dance is the Elmo Slide. He asks Daddy to play it every second of every day.

- He loves to swing. Whenever we go to Papa and Nana's house he asks to go on the swing.

- He went fishing for the first time on Sunday with Daddy. :]

- He is too smart for his own good! He now knows how to unlock the baby proof latch on the refrigerator door. =/

- He enjoys making messes and putting everything back where it goes when he is done.

- He has started picking out what shirts he wants to wear for the day.

- He is using the big boy potty. =] He still has yet to tell us when he needs to go pee-pee or poop though. We have to ask him every hour if he wants to sit on the potty. We are working on it.

- He can say his own name. About time, right? :] Only took him two years.

- Amari, unfortunately, is scared of bugs and birds. He freaks out every time he sees a bug or bird getting too close to him.

And pretty much that's what's new with A.J. for the month of April... If I missed anything, I'll add it to next months. ;D

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